Used Canon Arizona 1360GT – $54,900

The Arizona 1300 series consists of true flatbed printers based on UV-curable ink. Quick, reliable, and low-maintenance, they are ideal for their print quality and versatility for both rigid and flexible media applications. Enjoy a mind-blowing application latitude, instanton capability, and self-learning technology that helps you leverage your expertise. Design complex jobs once and easily adapt and repeat to help save time on future projects. The Arizona 1300 series is designed to serve the versatile printing needs of print providers who require a mid-volume production capacity. Rock-solid in its basic configuration, it’s ready for upgrades such as the Roll Media Option and additional ink channels, including our brightest ever white UV ink and clear varnish.

New Formax Cut-True 29A Automatic 20″ Guillotine Cutter – $13,950

The Formax Cut-True 29A Electric Guillotine Paper Cutter offers precision cutting for paper stacks up to 20.5” wide. User-friendly, intuitive features include a touchscreen control panel, automatically-adjusting back gauge and the capacity to program up to 100 jobs/100 cuts. An infrared light beam safety curtain provides safety and convenience as it shuts down operation if the light plane is interrupted.

Operation is simple: utilize the touchscreen control panel to program and select job settings, then load a stack of paper, up to 3.15” high. Set the back gauge using the touchscreen. The bright LED Cutting Line allows operators to see exactly where the blade will cut and make fine adjustments. Electronically-controlled two-hand operation engages the hardened steel blade for crisp, accurate cuts, every time.

New Formax FD3302 Tabletop Air Suction Folder – $6,900

The FD 3302 works with air-suction feed technology to handle heavy or coated stock, and helps to eliminate feed marks which may occur with friction feed systems. Instead of a traditional external compressor or air pump, the FD 3302 uses internal DC fans to produce suction, which minimizes static electricity and improves feed performance. Fan speed and air flow can be adjusted independently, utilizing the interactive control panel and external adjustment knobs. In addition, the FD 3302 includes a side fan system to further enhance the feeding quality.

Graphic Whizard PB 320AT – $5,995

Perfect Binding system with touch screen

This entry-level perfect binding system is easy to use and provides consistent professional quality products for short to medium run applications. It is an affordable and efficient solution for your perfect binding needs.

The 320ATS EVA perfect binder features a 5” color touchscreen, large glue pot with applicator roller, disk application side glue, padding mode and book block glue trap setting. Other features include a 12 tooth milling cutter with 2 notching blades for excellent spine preparation, fully automatic clamping, built in dust extraction and more.

Graphic Whizard PT CR607 Round Corner with 7 heads – $3,995

The PT CR607 Corner Rounder rounds up to 600 sheets of paper (2.36”) using any of the seven available dies. User die selection from the built-in rotary carousel provides quick and easy job selection. Standard tabletop model with optional floor stand.e.