Canon imagePRESS V1350

Consistently producing beautiful prints on time and within budget is no small task. That’s why you need a partner with vision. Say hello to the imagePRESS V1350 digital press. This high-volume, color production digital press offers a seamless combination of powerful print productivity and labor-saving automation technology, and it’s been designed to help produce beautiful, accurate prints fast, easy, and efficiently.

  • Print up to 135 images per minute
  • Easily handles a wide variety of jobs on stocks up to 500 gsm
  • Inline Spectrophotometers helps automate press linearization

Download the ImagePRESS V1350 Brochure

Canon imagePRESS V1000

The imagePRESS V1000 series is designed to allow you to realize your vision more easily and efficiently than ever before. Canon has taken the proven* quality, productivity, and versatility of the imagePRESS brand and elevated it. Canon has synergized form and function so that even the most inexperienced operator can impress with superb color and exquisite output!

  • Print up to 101 images per minute
  • Print up to 51.2″ long with auto-duplexing
  • Supports up to 150lb cover

Download the ImagePRESS V1000 Brochure

Canon imagePRESS V900

Introducing the imagePRESS V900 Series. These light-to mid-volume production digital color presses are designed to offer impressive productivity, repeatable color, and incredible automation. The imagePRESS V900 Series’ advanced core technologies have been harnessed to allow you to realize your vision more easily and efficiently than ever.

  • Print up to 90 images per minute
  • Compact Registration Technology for excellent registration accuracy & consistency
  • Supports up to 130lb cover

Download the ImagePRESS V900 Brochure

Canon imagePRESS V900 powered by the DPS 5400 Envelope System

Utilizing the Canon imagePRESS print engine combined with a DPS exclusive envelope feeding/stacking technology, the DPS 5400 is the only system that truly has you covered from booklet making to high capacity envelope printing.

  • Print up to 90 envelopes per minute with limitless envelope feeding capability.
  • Print up to 51″ long with auto-duplexing of up to 30″
  • Booklet making and trimming

See the DPS 5400 in Action

Ricoh Pro C9500


Scalable and affordable, the RICOH Pro C9500 Color Sheet-Fed Printer is a top-of-the-line system built for today’s realities to prepare you for what’s next. Get the performance capabilities you need – reliably produce one million impressions per month; achieve exceptional color with precise matching and accurate front-to-back registration; pivot from offset to digital without compromise to take on high-margin variable jobs and light packaging. Come through every time for clients in need of shorter runs with tight deadlines.

  • Print up to 135ppm
  • Print on oversized media and substrates up to 470 gsm
  • Support diverse media up to 49.6″ simplex/40.5″ duplex and 470 gsm
  • Choice of EFI Fiery or RICOH TotalFlow Digital Front End controller

Download the Ricoh Pro C9500 Series Brochure

Ricoh Pro C7500


Powerfully robust. Creatively engineered.The RICOH Pro C7500 5th Color Station Digital Press comes to market with enhanced performance, upgraded media handling and built-in automation —all so you can take on more work andmeet the growing desire for creative communication that engages audiences and drives actions.

  • Up to 95/85/85 ppm
  • Print on oversized media and substrates up to 470 gsm
  • 2400 x 4800 dpi
  • 5th Color Station to go beyond CMYK
  • Choice of EFI Fiery or RICOH TotalFlow Digital Front End controller

Download the Ricoh Pro C7500 Series Brochure

Konica Minolta AccurioPress C12000


The AccurioPress C12000 is one of Konica Minolta’s next generation flagship production print models offering unprecedented print quality, amazing media flexibility and the highest degree of automation for high quality, high speed and high volume colour printing.

  • High capacity media input and output
  • Inline trimming and finishing for advanced automation
  • 3600 x 2400 dpi
  • Up to 350 gsm Media

Download the Konica Minolta AccurioPress C12000 Series Brochure

Konica Minolta Accurio Press C7100


Rethink agility with the newest CMYK cut-sheet toner press, the AccurioPress C7100. Make an impactful impression – one after the another – as your opportunities continue to grow with a press that works smarter, not harder. Optimize your print performance, offer advanced and creative print possibilities (including excellent quality imagery in full bleed) and see your business flourish! Deliver more jobs with added value effectively and serve more customers efficiently, empowered by our innovative technologies that move your business towards increased success.

  • Print on long sheets up to 51.1″
  • Inline trimming and finishing for advanced automation
  • 3600 x 2400 dpi
  • Up to 400 gsm Media at full engine speed

Download the Konica Minolta AccurioPress C7100 Series Brochure

Xante X-16, X-36, X55, X98

Compact and powerful, the X-16, X-36, X-55 & X98 are designed to output signage, graphics, and specialty items on virtually any media without those prohibitive demands on the shop’s floor plan. These printers pack all the profitability of a large flatbed into the space of a tabletop device! Five ways to print intense, brilliant, pure white: Flood, White Active Pixels, White Inactive Pixels, White Spot Color, or No White.

  • Print on virtually any media
  • Prints up to 18″X24″ (X-16) and Image area up to 36″x24″ (X-33) 55″x50″ (X-55)
  • Resolution up to 2880 DPI

Download the Xante X-16 brochure here

Download the Xante X-36 brochure here

Download the Xante X-55 brochure here

Download the Xante X-98 brochure here

Xante F-24 DTF Printer (Direct to Film)

Get ready to dive into the exhilarating world of DTF printing! The F-24 unleashes a whirlwind of vibrant, eye-popping colors directly to a heat transfer film. Transform ordinary fabrics into extraordinary canvases for creativity, and we’re talking about your favorite t-shirts, hoodies, and all the trendy apparel you adore!

  • Transfers to virtually any fabric
  • Prints up to 24″ wide
  • CMYK + W Direct to Film

Download the Xante F-24 brochure here

Komori Impremia IS29

The Impremia IS29 is an innovative machine that delivers on Komori’s three core competencies—product reliability, high quality and substrate freedom. With the ability to print four colors in straight or perfect mode, the award-winning IS29 can run at speeds up to 3000 sheets per hour and handle a 23×29” sheet, making it ideal for six up applications. With full variability and near offset print quality, the IS29 is ideal for short to medium run work.

  • Up to 3,000 sheets per hour
  • 4 Colors
  • 23″ x 29.5″ sheet size

Download the Komori Impremia IS29 Brochure here